South Lakes Organic Milk Ltd


Here at South Lakes Organic Milk we run a small family business (mum, dad and sons) and pride ourselves on the quality of our farming, service and products.
South Lakes Organic Milk was setup in April 2001 with the aim to promote local and organic produce within our area. Frank believed that the processes used in Organic Farming were, and are, steeping back to “real” farming and land management like his Grand Fathers had used centuries ago.
Lynda believes that Organic produce is healthier for her family and animals as well as having the added benefit of being much kinder to the environment resulting in rare flowers being seen once again in and around our farm – how many farmers still use natural salt to kill unwanted nettles and weeds?
Our dairy herd of 120 cows are fed on a natural grass based GM free diet, are not over stocked and do not graze on land treated with artificial fertilisers, pesticides or other sprays. This shows in the quality of their milk and the high percentage of butterfats.

Frank Morphet or Eleanor Lancaster
01229 586153