The end of an era

Dear Cumbria Organics members and supporters,
After almost twenty years the Cumbria Organics group is no more! In the middle of April the remaining assets of the group, £3704.28 were transferred to the Cumbria Farmer Network account. We have entered into an agreement with the Network for the next three years and feel confident that this is the appropriate way forward.
CFN will put aside £1200 to pay for the upkeep of the CO website and to pay for the design costs of an updated CO leaflet of producers [if that’s what producers want]. CFN will hold a database of existing organic producers in Cumbria and signpost any enquiries to these producers. They will ensure that one technical event per year will have an ‘organic’ focus or is relevant to the CFN organic membership. They will also include relevant organic farming news and technical information in the CFN Newsletter.
It’s time to move on. Cumbria Organics served its purpose of bringing together organic producers to share their experiences and learn from each other. Hopefully we have increased awareness about local organic production by interacting with consumers at Agricultural Shows and Food Festivals and through the Organic Cumbria leaflets.
Many thanks to all members and committee members who have volunteered their time and enthusiasm over the years.
Good luck in everything you do in the future.
Joyce Brocklebank